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Week 5 (16th-21st March)


predawn is over, second week of course has started with  jo’s plant collection process.  When we arrived, there was a  huge collection of samples were already in the class room. I really appreciated her dedications. I can proudly  say that  her dedications to help us to learn is really extravaganza.  she has taught us plant structures like leaves, flowers and stems. It was really amazing that, we all had seen different leaves, but never noticed all these structured changes and specialities. simple leaf, compound leaf, dentate, lobed, ovate, cordate and petolated etc.   Leaf arrangements like alternate,  opposit and whorled. then different flower types also. 

Leaf Arrangement Leaf Type

Then we went to nearby by areas to identify that different kinds  of trees , leaf and flowers.  After the lunch, some of us stared to workout the assessment – 1670. I preferred it do in online. becouse  always  prefer online library ie; Internet to find all the information.  I succeeded almost 90 % in that. some of the pending issues will be get cleared by Jo. 

Then Tuesday was the day for Frost.   Alex has has started the lecturewith introduction, but most of us were  already chilled and after half n hour some of were feeling sleepy. because little unfamiliar and uninterested. but after the tea break, somehow we managed to came back to the wind, frost, weather forcats and different techniques to prevent / save plants from frost. Then we all went to Bannakburn road  to pricticaly identify all these methods like water / heat / wind fans and all.  While demonsatring the technics of stack heater, something special and unexpected happend and we all will remember this in the whole life. Springler systems were really amazing and worthy for the industry.

Stack Heater

Stack Heater

Wednesday was a day for tractor theory/lant collection theory and overall day for recape the theories of Tractor and ATV.  Most of us were in the workshopto complete the Assesments for Tractor nad ATV.  We have worked online. I have submitted my assesment on that day through online.  In between  theserush ours,  “JO COMPANY” ( JO+JO)  invited all of us to the computer lab to demonstrate about BLOGS.  With  in an hour around 4.00 PM we all of us successfully completed the login and started to do blogs.  Some of us were sitting and working out for  their assessments up to 9.00 Pm.  It was a great day. really interesting and memorable.

Next day, ie; Thursday  was not in favor of me. Due to some health problems, I was not able to attend the class. But i  came to know that was a day for seed collection and identifications, nursary  and propagation methods. Hope that i can manage that missed points on next propagation- Nursery day. I am sure Jo will surely help me.

Friday, our TGIF ( Thanks God its Fridays). We all were in BannockburnRoad.  Day started with an IELTS test.  It was really unexpected and somehow we managed. (God  + asses er know all ). Then started with ATV riding. We have practised different riding techniquesin ATV.  Alex   was with us and he instructed all the points to us. He was physically running behind  us to teach all and protect some of us. Meanwhile  Wayne King was  helping some of  us at other place to do practice on Tractors with attachments/ implements.  Riding ATV with reverse gear for 10 minutes was realy wonderful experience.  For me , riding ATV in different road conditions like, uphill, downhill, with trailor, turnigs, gravel road and reverse all were a great experience.  Then i practised with Tractor – SAMI- , Forklifts, Front loader, hydrolader.   Tractor loaded with 500 litter water (A squrecontainer full) on the forklift and anyone who drive that a turn around with out loosing a drop of water had and offer of NZ$100. But Alex was not reday to give NZ$50 (half of the amount). Class is over at 3.00 PM and we were practising  for cricket match, India Vs New Zealand up to 7.00 PM. match will be held on Friday; 27th March. Hope we (India) will………!!!!!!.

This Saturday was something special. We were with Wayne King to listern his practical and professional knowledge in Occupational Health and Safety points.  He has serverd a lot of his professional experiance in the industray and major safety / health hazards  related to this industry. after  the calss, their was an assessnmnt we concluded the day at 01.30 PM.

Overall this week was a great experianceand did not know the 6 days passed with great experiances and knowledge.  When we were in the school, it was very long and bitter for end a week from Monday to Friday. But here the methods were different and sweet. Hope that the comming days, weeks and months will be remain unchanged for us.


March 18 – a great day…

Very cool day, sun was peeping through the little shower. Their was a little rain in the afternoon. Everybody was busy with plant collection, Tractor theory assignments and ATV theory assignments all. An announcement came after the lunch to get together in the computer room to start doing blogs. That is really astonished me that their is a credit of 15 points   for NCH Level-4  from this blogs.  Really interesting…….  I will come up with new information soon.

Welcome note

Hello everybody,  starts a cool bloging here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!