Term-III, Week-9 (14th – 18th September)

Friday, 18th September : Firearm Safety – Range day.

Shooting Day

Shooting Day

Using Pistol

Using Pistol

Yessssssssssss. We are going to shoot today. Most of us were so excited till reaching the pistol ground at Alexandra. We had two vans to go to the shooting range. Alex and Trevor were with us. Mr. Wayne was in the pistol ground with two other NZMSC volunteer instructors and made all the preparations before our arrival. After the brief introduction, we went around the pistol club. Later on divided in to two groups and half went for pistol ground. Others selected for target shooting by shot guns and semi automatic riffles. Seven people sat together with  individual seating arrangements. Unloaded riffles were on the table and instructors guided on each and every steps carefully. Shooting stated and most of us done  well. After that we have got a chance to shoot with black powder guns and later fired with SLR – Russian riffles. After noon session, I was in the pistol ground with pistols and revolvers. It was a great fun at all the day. I really enjoyed a lot. End of the day I had a great satisfaction of become one of the best shooters in the pistol ground. Thank you for Wayne helping and teaching me all the shooting lesson with all the safety point sides.

Thursday, 17th September : Propagation  – Nursery



I was really tired in the morning. There is no interest to go to polytechnic on these days. Instead of improving their qualities, some people depriving that. I am worried that when they become mature. They have not had responsibility in the life and  grown with poor qualities like cheating people, telling lies, steeling other’s things and even make money through illegal activities  are annoying me too much. Support from the polytechnic people helps a lot to overcome these problems. As usual Jo announced a list of days action plan. It includes potting out of some seedlings, ferilisation for plants, weeding and shifting some plants from Green house to Green House, Green house to shade House and Shade house to Open ground. As usual we went around GH-1 and GH-4 and had a glimpse around. Seeds are germinating and growing. Some plants in the pots grows well. Some plants made flowers…. Really exciting to see them. We moved all the hanging basket from GH-4 to the shade house. Full of flowers on them. They are getting strong enough to move to Alexandra for the blossom festival. Pricked and potted some seedlings in the propagation room. Most of the time I was engaged with some other people for moving plants from one location to other and making space for new plants in the GH-4. My broccoli seeds are germinating and hope it will be ready for pricking on the coming week. At the end of the day Joy and Prasanth done the plant profile presentation. Plants like Lavendula Pacific blue, cistus‘ Bennetts and Bay leaf. I was not in a mood to enjoy the day…. But done something….

Wednesday, 16th September : Tutorial day

One more tutorial day. Tutorials day realy helps to complete all the pending task like completing assignments and blogs. Alex came with some days reminders. Some people have  not submitted their soil assignments yet. Due date is on coming Friday. He explained some more details about preparing Enterprise Diary report. He explained all the details which should be included while making report on the Bannockburn campus.  After the morning tea I went to computer suite for complete my some pending assignments. Some visible outcomes on this day…

Tuesday, 15th September : Enterprises report and Diary

A new thing… Enterprises Diary Report (EDR) for us. As part of our study, we have to prepare and submit a property details – including land profile, farming activities, soil properties of the land, management systems, products and services from the property, futured expansion plans and many more all including the total details of the property. We all can chose any property either our Nursery garden or Bannockburn campus or any other outside property. I have selected our Bannockburn campus… because it is much familiar for me. I have a clear picture in my mind about land shapes, activities and all other setup on that property.  Jo showed us some sample reports which made my the previous students. She has supplied much information and tips and tricks for making a detailed report. Some “Smart” guys took away one of the sample she showed.  After the morning tea, we have got time to start the report activities. Some of them went to library and worked with assignments. I was in the computer room till late evening and working with assignments.

Monday, 14th September: Compost

Delta Compost Plant

Delta Compost Plant

Matured Compost

Matured Compost

Today we had a filed trip to Wanaka where a compost plant run by Delta. Conal, an alumni of polytechnic is the in-charge of the plant.  They have a medium sized plant spreads around 7 hectors. It helps the nearby areas to dump their waste materials to this site. They use only plant materials for making compost and planning to develop  another plant for food waste processing.  They have huge machineries like chipper, shredder, loader and segregator on site. This is an open air compost making process and adopting all the regulations and norms of Dept. conservation and Regional councils. They sell the compost for $ 35-40 per cubic meter to the public. It helps to reduce the landfill and pollution in the nearby areas. Conal explained all the steps he use for compost process. It was an opportunity to discuss all the points related to the compost process. Later on we had small time to visit recycling depot near by. In the afternoon session we went to Bannockburn campus and continued with Bio – Gro composting standards. Bio-Gro New Zealand approved compost have certain qualities. These standards include some criteria like PH level is between 5.5 and 8.5, particle size must be 15 mm or less and must pass germination test. Bio-Gro standards insist the compost testing and keeping the records of all the compost activities. End of the session we went to our compost heap to check the temperature level. It was just picking up. I have done watering on the compost heap. Hope the process will pickup soon.



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