Term-IV, Week-2 (19th – 24th October)

Saturday, 24th October: Giant Plant Sale….


Waiting for buy plants...


Vegetable plants sections


Peony wase and vine.....

We are selling our kids… no.. plants which are propagated and cared by us. We came at 8:00 AM. Plant sale starts at 9:30 AM and needed some preparation in the morning. Enthusiastic people from the town and nearby places arrived in the gate before time. At the time of opening the plant sale, there was a massive gathering around 400 people at the gate. During the first one hour itself, we sold out almost 80 % of all and 100 % of vegetable plants. Flow rate become slow at around 12:00 noon and we closed at 2:00 PM. There was one counter for selling our vines and another counter operated by our food science people for selling refreshments for the buyers. I was in the entrance and welcome people, guided them, controlled the parking and availability of the trolleys, collected feedback from the people and such things. There was a heavy lunch at the end of the day with beer and some soft drinks. A wonderful result of great team work and collective efforts.

Friday, 23rd October: Propagation – Nursery


Ready for sale

Another frost morning. Frost machines in all the Vineyards and Orchards were running in the morning. Plant sale is going to be opened today for the Senior Citizens and Industry people. We done some tidy up works in the nursery. Shifted the plants like tomatoes, cucumbers and pumpkins to the “Cold Frame” and arranged their display. Made sure that all the things are in order and placed label for all them. At 11 AM, we all took brench and moved came back to the nursery for the official opening of the plant sale.

Really amazing that, our senior citizens were lined up before 12:00 PM. They were so hurry to grab the best plants.. still in thrill. All of us including staff located every corner of the nursery and helped the people to choose plants as per desires. I was in the gate to welcome them, say bye to them and bring the trolleys back. I got a wonderful opportunity to know people’s taste and selection of plants. Most of them have vege garden at home and more people like other garden stuffs. There was a huge demand for some selected items here. There was a massive rush till at 3:00 PM and we finished the day at 3:30 PM. Lucky that all the trolleys are in-house at end of the day.  It was a lovely day… warm enough and temperature was above 20 Degree. Need a big preparation for tomorrow’s giant plant sale….

Thursday, 22nd October: Propagation – Nursery


Final touch

Usually, I reach polytechnic before time. Today, I become little late and somehow managed to reach their one minute before. We have to clean and tidy up everything in the nursery for our big plant sale. Next two days are the examination for our nursery team… and defiantly for also… We are selling our plants (kids) to our local community. End result of the one year work. Various verity of plants. We arranged all the sales desk and placed them in various places of nursery. Installed entry and exit points, cleaned nursery and propagation room. Watered all plants. Later one crew including me were working in our peony division. Lots of weeds were and removed all. I really love these peonies. I know that people will come and look these on coming days. After the session, I was sitting with my Enterprises Report to make a visible start on it.

Wednesday, 21st October: Tutorial

Yes.. I had a list of tasks to complete in this day. Alex, Jo and Trevor were in the classroom to discuss something about the weekend plant sales. Jo prepared and assigned a list of tasks to all the students. After that Alex and Trevor explained about the on coming work experience week. Most of the people have job chances in the proposed employers and if they work well and prove their skill, they can grab that opportunities. I am the only one going for work experience in the Apiculture Industry and, they were making comments about bee stings. Trevor supplied a pair of Gumboots for me for that week. Thanks…. After the morning session, I was working with my assignments and some other pending task. Afternoon, Wayne was with us to explain some points which we had doubt about in the “Firearm Safety”.

Tuesday, 20th October: Enterprises Report – Diary

As I thought, Jo used this day for a “push” to start the ‘Big task’, making an Enterprises Report. Teachers know the students habits well. They are aware that we have not started the report yet. Jo explained all the points again and requested everybody to start and finish this task ASAP.  After her brief, I moved to the computer suite to finish the documentation for the weed collection. Weed collection is still pending with me. After the lunch session, I went to Bannockburn campus to collect information for the Enterprises Report. I did not sit for a long day in the computers, because I was little tired this day..  Hope that the details I collected will help to start my project soon..

Monday, 19th October: Irrigation


Type of Irrigation

We continued the studies of ‘Irrigation’ on this Monday. Study was a mixture of theories, problem solving and some little mathematics. Relation between ET (Evapotranspiration)  and irrigation are important. Evapotranspiration (ET) is a term used to describe the sum of evaporation and plant transpiration from the Earth’s land surface to atmosphere. Evaporation accounts for the movement of water to the air from sources such as the soil, canopy interception, and water bodies. Transpiration accounts for the movement of water within a plant and the subsequent loss of water as vapour through stomata in its leaves. Evapotranspiration is an important part of the water cycle. An element (such as a tree) that contributes to Evapotranspiration can be called an Evapotranspirator. By irrigating, we fill that much escaped quantity of the water to the soil and make them available to plants. Pump is one of the important equipment used for irrigation purpose. Water gets in to the pump by atmospheric pressure and pump pushes that water to the destination. Watering early morning is the suitable time. Use soil moisture sensors to know that water availability in the soil. This day also helped a lot to gain new knowledge and skill about irrigation.


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