Term-IV, Week-3 (26th – 30th October)

Tuesday – Friday, 27 – 30 October – Work Experience…


Working with bees


Beekeeping site (Apiary)

We have a work experience programme for a week long as part of our studies. This is the time to choose and industry to work after successful completion of the studies at end of this term. Most of us chose Orchard as an industry. Few people chose Amenity Horticulture and Viticulture for their future. I have some previous experience in Beekeeping and would like to choose Apiculture Industry.  Polytechnic arranged  a place for my work experience in near by town. A place with an average commercial bee keeper. I was working with this beekeeper for four days. During these days, I really enjoyed every moments. Nice person, helped me in all the manner. Explained every queries and beyond. He was much interested to teach me new skills and it helped me to gain that new skills. I really did not feel that, I was working with someone. It was like family kind of atmosphere, and recollected some memories of working with my father during the childhood. At the end of the fourth day, there was a photo session for ‘The Orchadist’, leading horticulture magazine in New Zealand. Hope that I will be there in the front page of  December issue of this magazine. I am much confident in my skills and if I get a chance to work with in this industry, that will be my carrier….. of course it is my passion. ….Thank a lot for the polytechnic team for their great help to provide an opportunity to work with this employer.

Monday, 26th October: Labour Day – Holiday

We have got three consecutive holidays here. Today is one of the  public holidays here in NZ.  Labour Day…


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