Term-IV, Week-4 (02nd – 06th November)

Friday, 06th November: CV – Work ready: Computer room

Course is going to finish soon. Everybody wants job. For reaching to an employer, a well fabricated CV is very much required. The first part of the selection happens when an employer go through the presented CV and, you will pass the first hurdle of  the rout. For developing a good CV, need little efforts and skills. for this purpose, one day has included in the course and, today everybody got that opportunity to execute the task well.  Computer room no.8, community learning centre Instructor, Lyne is well expert in providing support and advices to fabricate a good CV and we all were sitting with her in the morning. She provides some good books which have useful hints for making CV. Beside these books, there was some supporting notes and other useful information also provided by her. MS Office-2007 has a huge number of templates for fabricate a CV. After  the introduction, I moved back to the students computer room and working with my Weed collection assignment. By end of the day I have completed that task successfully. I need to print them and submit.

Thursday, 05th November: Propagation – Nursery

Peony Garden

Peony Garden

One of the last day for us to engage in the Nursery propagation activities. We are at the end of the course and no more days for here. There may be a chance to come back for  few couple of hours in another day for just clean and tidy up the nursery and surrounded battle ground and say good bye to all.. Alex, Jo and Trevor were present in the room number – 4 and they have explained and discussed the coming two week activities. Alex made a couple of points regarding, scholarships, practical exam and best practical student. This is the crash hours to complete all pending tasks like assignments and projects. Jo has a word regarding the plant specimen collection records and propagation records update. She made a monthly chart in the board regarding the suitable timing in a year for making various cuttings for propagation. After the morning tea, we moved to propagation room. Jo demonstrated  the process of making softwood cuttings and it propagation methods. We chose Lavender for propagate by softwood cuttings. ‘Pacific Blue’ Lavender is one of the best Lavender verity grows in this cold climate. Except Gandhi and me, everybody engaged in making Lavandula‘Pacific Blue’ cuttings. We prepared two trays of Lavender (Lavandula ‘Grasso’. Cut very soft, new growths from the plant, made a clear cut just under one of the nodes, removed leaves of two  – three internodes and trimmed off the flower bud from end. One inter node choose with half cut leaves. Prepared media by half portion standard potting mix, half portion sand and added some quantity of pumice for better AFB. Through out the process, we made sure that, cuttings have needed moisture and sprayed little water for that. Send the trays to GH-1 under mist.  Later we repeated the same process for propagate some Rosemary and English Box.  After lunch, we had various tasks in the nursery. Group of people engaged in cleaning and tiding up the shade house. Another group shifted some plants in various places. Some people busy with hydroponics. Some of us including myself planted some vegetables in the nearby veggie garden. I have planted few chillies, ladies fingers, lettuce and cucumbers. There was a photo session at just before end of the day and we all back grounded with in the peony flowers. Later Jo was assisting us to complete the propagation records. I was quiet unwell and moved away after the session.

Tuesday & Wednesday, 03rd & 4th November: Field Trip (proposed but cancelled)

Spraying in progress

I reached at the Bannockburn campus on time. Few people turned around little late. Alex and Trevor were ready with Tractor, ATVs and Sprayers. They briefed about the days programs. Few of us do spraying herbicides at Stone fruit and pip fruit blocks. Some others sprayed herbicide around the corners of the campus by using knapsack sprayers. Other group designated for spraying herbicides at the driving range. For me, it was an opportunity to measure, mix, spraying herbicide named – Roundup- (Polaris-450). More over it was an opportunity for driving Tractor around the blocks. Finished spraying before lunch. Afternoon, I have watered the compost heap and cleared some trellis wires, irrigation pipes and posts from the Berry fruit garden. Later we worked in the front side turf area where couple of pop-up sprinklers damaged by either wheels or frost. Day ended with hands on practical experience.


Wednesday, I have turned around on time and we were waiting for more people. But only couple of people came for that day. Because it is practical. During the opening talk, Alex informed me that, I have selected for the scholarship  and final interview date will be announced later. Then we moved to the Iris garden and joined with our Jo for doing some major weeding in the Iris bed. There is an Iris flower competition is going to be happen soon at this place. Finished weeding and meanwhile others completed fertiliser spreading at the vineyard block. Then we took the tractor  for more practical. Assembling, dismantling implements like sprayers in the Tractor. Everybody executed the task well and finally Alex announced that we all have successfully completed the practical side of the Tractor operation. Another practical day completed successfully.

Monday, 02nd November: Irrigation

Popup sprinkler

We all back after a long work experience. Alex  asked everybody to express their experiences and started from one end in the class room. Most of them were happy and expressed their views. I also got a chance to present my experience. Later we entered in to the subject. Irrigation practical starts here. As a prior, asked everybody to fabricate a square model with one ‘T’ connecter and one small sprinkler or dripper. Clamps, elbows and  polythene pipes were available in the class. Trevor supplied some hot water and cutting tools for fabrication work. Everybody made this model with out much efforts. Later we went to the garden block adjacent to the office for install a fully automatic controlled irrigation system. It includes couple of solenoid valves, 20 mm pipes, 13 mm pipes and number of pop-up sprinklers. Alex and Trevor marked the trench routs and supplied necessary tools. We made trenches, laid lateral pipes, connected them with T joints and ended with pop-ups. Tested and confirmed that there is no leaks or faults and then covered the trenches gently and neatly. Day ended with hands on experience in installing an irrigation system.  During the day their was an announcement from the staff that, the proposed study tour to Dunedin has been cancelled due to drops of people for trip. As an instance, we can utilize these two days for do some more practical in Tractor, ATV and Spraying at Bannockburn campus for improve our skills.



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