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Term-II, Week-10 (29th June-03rd July)

Monday, 29th June: Assignment catch –up

Another cool Monday. Last week of the second semester. Lots of work like assignments and theory exam to be completed on this week. Jo announced the day’s as well as weeks programme. It was an opportunity to complete the ‘Pest, Diseases and Disorder’ Assignments. I was sitting in computer room till the end of the day to complete the same.  There is a great satisfaction at end of the day for completing the assignments successfully.

Tuesday, 30th June: Organic Certification

One practical day for the topic, Obtain and Maintain organic certification. Today the class was at Bannockburn campus. Today we have worked with a part of our assignment – Gaining Organic Certification. We learned that how to make a property management plan. We have selected the part of our polytechnic orchard – Apple block for converting to Organic. Taken the measurement  of the area. Made a property plan accordingly. Explained all the surroundings, roads, nearby forest and other farming, living and sports activity. After coming back to the class, we continue work with rest of the registration formalities to complete the filling up of Application for Registration for become organic certified. Wayne King has explained all the steps and points one by one and cleared all the doubts. We have completed all the registration process at end of the day one hour before and headed to home.

Wednesday, 01st July: Theory Exam – Term-II

Weather Before Exam

Weather Before Exam

First theory exam during this course as well as this semester. We have two theory exams and one practical exam till end of this course. Two weeks holidays are starting from this week end and it was just a  recap of last two semesters. Exam topics included Weather, Plant Biology, Pest & diseases and Pruning. I was not prepared  for the exam

Weather After the Exam

Weather After Exam

 because of many reasons. Outcome of this exam will not be counted with the unit credits. From these exams will select  a best theory student and best practical student. I decided that I will not be their for a competition. I am pretty confident that whatever I have learned is best for me and can  prove my skills through the learning process.  I did not make any revision for the exam. Like today’s weather, I was very cool  in the morning and found that some guys  going through the books till the last moments. Eyes of these guys were like Apple. My be because of eating lots of apple????? Jo was ready with time table and question papers. Exam started at sharp 9.00 and butterflies were in everybody’s stomach. I asked Jo to get only one sheet for my answers… … Some of us completed the writing at its first hour and others were passing through the second hours. I did not write anything from Plant Biology and weather. Pruning and pest & disease was little familiar and written something about all. Hand over the paper and apologised to Jo for not writing anything about her subject.  I am sure that I will remember all these questions and do the recap of these answers on coming days. That my exam experience. 

 I have got a chance to update the  blogs and later on sit with Robe Luke to practice English Language Proficiency.

Thursday, 02nd July: Pruning

Snow tree

Snow tree

It was freezing in the morning and headed to Bannockburn campus. Today we have to do pruning some summer fruit trees. I was walking to campus and just overlooking the status of clouds and thinking in mind that what will be the weather today. On the way, in front of a house, there was a little black Ice and could not noticed that. After slipping down and moving ten feet, I realised that. Fortunately nothing happened and looked behind that someone has see or not. Nobody has seen that I am falling down. I was laughing in mind……… Most of us arrived late  and we were sitting in the class room to get warm enough. Trevor has distributed the ‘Growsafe’ assignments and for me there were some incomplete answers to complete. We done that soon and Trevor was explaining some technical points of the pruning terminology.  Just because of the freezing weather, he advised us to work with some

Snow trees

Snow trees

assignments. After the morning break some of us headed for start pruning. Temperature was still minus four and was shivering outside.  After the lunch again we continued the pruning. Around two o clock, the great amazing thing started…….. Snow fall…….. Coooool, White……. Soft…….. lovely …… flakes of snow……. Just like a shower……. We continued the pruning for little more time and stopped when snow become stated to cover the ground. Some of us stated play in snow and snow fall was continuing….  Trevor suggested us to move back to homes and we headed home before  time. Snow fall continued till 6.30 evening and at end of the day it was around four inch thickness in  the ground covered all over the place and looks like a white (polyphil) blanket in the ground……… Some of us got memorable opportunity to play with snow, took photographs of snow and make snow men…….I took lots of photographs and video clips of snowfall.

 Friday, 03rd July: Propagation (proposed)

SunnyI have been waking up many times in the night to see the condition of the snow outside. It was still there and I was sure that polytechnic will be closed on today. In the morning, Trevor called up confirmed that there is no class today. Two weeks winter holidays started one day in advance…. I utilized the day to read and understand the New Zealand Road Codes…… Something useful for the day….. In the afternoon, I just came out to walk around  and later on went to polytechnic  and shopping……

 There is no work on this weekend also…. Very difficulty to survive…… As per the immigration rules, we can work only 20 hours

Night vision

Night vision - Click for Video

@ week. We have classes on Monday to Friday and if we get any work on Saturday and Sunday, that will come around 16 hours and pay from that is not enough to meet our weekly expenses. In between these if there is no work on any weekends, we have to borrow money from someone  and difficult to repay that on time… really horrible……… What to do…….??????