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Term-II – Week-11 & 12 (Holidays)

Read more about Vinewise

Read more about Vinewise

This is the winter holidays….. from 04th  up to 19th of July included three weekends. Raewyn  and Trevor from polytechnic really helped us to get a holiday works during this season. We have got grape pruning jobs during this time. Working with ‘Vinewise’, a famous viticulture contractors. We were engaged with doing pruning jobs like stripping and trimming. We were working in Bendigo vineyards named Quartz reef.  Winter was its hardest stages and most of the days the temperature was in minus. Antimony Pandavas (Five of my friends who stay in Antimoney Cresant Road) supported me in conveyance. They came to Chalets every day to pick up and drop me. Thank you  Sreekumar (Arjuna) for helping me. Johnson ( Bhima) was our supervisor during this holiday work. He performed his best to coordinate all. Some of us have done excellent performance at workplace. Employer and his team was really impressed for this performance and used the word “Machines” is  highly appreciated. Few of us from this team were little tricky by knowingly or unknowingly. They were really aware that employer is looking only the entire team’s performance and not the individuals. They have utilised that option well…. Best of luck for them….  This holiday works give us a great relief  for our bread and butter issues. Now we are confident that our landlords will not kick out us from the house for not paying the rent on time. Overall it was a great experience of us to learn something while earn. Thank you for everybody who supported us.


The Pandavas are the five renowned brothers who are central characters in the epic Mahabharata. They are the sons of Pandu, named Yudhishtira, Bhima and Arjuna – born to Pandu’s first wife Kunti, and the twins Nakula and Sahadeva – born to his second wife Madri. The fatherhood of the Pandavas is attributed to different Gods because sex was mortally dangerous for Pandu due to a curse. Accordingly, Yudhishtira is the son of Yama, Bhima of Vayu, Arjuna of Indra, and Nakula and Sahadeva of the Ashwini deities. Arjuna wins Draupadi in a ‘swayamvaram’ (marriage) and later, on his mother’s advice, shares her with the other four brothers. The Pandavas engaged in the Mahabharata war with their cousins, Kauravas, and relatives, and won the war with the help of Lord Krishna. The Pandavas are symbolic of goodness wheras the Kauravas embody evil.